About Alex

Alex de Kock (1951) studied photography at the Foto Academie in Rotterdam and at the FotoCoaches in The Hague. Except his impressionistic work he is interested in documentary pictures, especially of Eastern Europe.

"I was always interested in images but found later in life only the space to combine my work in business with a photography program. Through my training I became increasingly fascinated by all the opportunities that working behind the camera entails."

His documentary work is dedicated to the weaker people and his connection with Eastern Europe was enlighted by his Ukranian mother.

In contrary to his documentary work Alex' creative work is without any social aspect.

"My challenge is to create the final image in the camera, and I use different techniques which I increasingly perfect. So I don't edit photos in Photoshop."

Alex opposed to this growing stream photographers who capture alienated scenes and he finds his own way in photography. He seeks to join the French impressionists and feels akin to the Hague and Amsterdam School of the late nineteenth century.
Unlike eg. Breitner who first took photographs to make a painting, Alex wants to make his photograph to be the painting. With a particular focus on the light.

The subjects of his photography differences. The subjects have no social item or special message. Abstract images of objects to landscapes and cityscapes. Due to his recent move to Amsterdam, he has been fascinated by this city. Some of these pictures are for sale at Hip Wonen in Amsterdam and at his own photo gallery Imagine.


Knorfoto, Rotterdam

Galerie Sophie Marree, The Hague

Imagine Fotogalerie, Amsterdam


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